Peer learning can be a powerful tool to explore, experience, and advance our teaching practice as a learning community. The Open Classroom Network (OCN) is designed to foster the exchange of teaching and learning practices in a non-evaluative and intra and inter-disciplinary setting. The FDC maintains a database of colleagues across campus who are willing to be observed or observe for the purpose of peer learning and will make that available to those seeking to provide or seek feedback on their own teaching and learning.  

If you are willing to invite colleagues into your classroom to explore your course structure, activities, and teaching practices or would like to observe and provide feedback to others, you can register to be part of the network here.

If you would like to observe a class session or request feedback from an Open Classroom Network colleague, please fill out this quick OCN request form.  

For those engaging in the OCN to receive or provide teaching and learning feedback, we encourage you to consider using our Peer Teaching Observation Packet for this process.