The Faculty Development Center (FDC) will will be prioritizing funding Buckman Teaching Innovation Grants for AY 24-25.   For a list of additional funding opportunities, including Furman RPG funding, please visit here.


Buckman Teaching Innovation Grants

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Robert H. Buckman and his wife, Mrs. Joyce Mollerup, these grants are designed to support collaborative faculty teams (of two or more faculty or staff) in their integration of new technologies that enhance and expand pedagogical practice. Proposals may range from $1,000-$3,500.

Proposals may include purchase of appropriate technology/equipment but are not meant to provide ongoing support or to solely substitute an existing teaching practice (e.g. video technology to record and post existing lectures). Instead, proposals will be funded that request technologies that augment, modify and redefine teaching practice and add capacity unavailable through current Furman enterprise systems (e.g. Moodle, Zoom, Box, etc.). Successful proposals will articulate how the request enhances or transforms a current practice, adds capacity beyond what is currently available at Furman, and how any technology obtained will be maintained over the life of the product.

If you expect requested funding to exceed $1000, please contact the FDC prior to submitting the request and/or indicate how you plan to secure additional funds in the application. Team proposals will be considered for additional funding support up to $5,000. We encourage you to first consult with an FDC staff member to discuss your project idea before submitting a proposal.

Please submit your proposal by filling out this online form. Upon completion of the funded project, recipients are required to submit a post-project report by filling out this online form.

Award decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Please do not hesitate to contact the FDC with questions about these grants and/or the application process.