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Information for Late-Career Faculty

At the later stages of one’s academic career (what we call Phase III), faculty are often in reflective mode about their professional life, with an eye toward setting goals for what they hope to accomplish before retirement, all while maintaining a highly active, rigorous, and enjoyable professional life. The FDC, in collaboration with campus partnership like the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection, is here to support your professional development needs as you meet your late-career goals.

Phase III Reading List

Phase III Reading List

The Potential for Late Career Professors. This Inside Higher Ed article notes the distinctive assets of late-career faculty that can be utilized in diverse ways to the benefit of institutions and their various stakeholders.

‘Gray’-cious Conclusion to a Career. Another thoughtful pieces from Inside Higher Ed that offers advice on how to ensure a vibrant end to the later stages of an academic career.

Phase III Professional Development Resources

Advancing Leadership and Community: Many late-career faculty fill valuable leadership roles in departments, institutes, and administrative units across campus. This Pocket Guide for Leadership Skills from UNC-Chapel Hill provides several important reminders about your role as a faculty leader.


Phase III Reflection Program: This year-long program supports faculty colleagues in the last phase of their careers consider vocational goals and plan intentional reflection on their current and future callings. Please contact the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection for more information.