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The Greenbelt Community is a residential living and learning community that provides eco-friendly housing for students interested in reducing their environmental footprint and leading others to a more sustainable future.

Focused on sustainable living, our one-year program is designed to cultivate emerging student leaders who are interested in exploring and living a sustainable lifestyle. Our students live in one of four eco-friendly cabins, take a one-credit seminar each semester to discuss sustainable living, and explore their passions by practicing sustainability in a close-knit community. We also inspire students to develop and implement environmentally-friendly initiatives that will improve our community for future generations.

Students outside the Shi Center working with a professor

The Learning Experience

Residents come together as a community through active participation together in a one-credit seminar each semester to discuss sustainable living practices and learn how to become a sustainability leader on campus and in the community.

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The Living Experience

If you're passionate about reducing your environmental footprint and advocating for change, our community is the right fit for you.​

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Furman in the fall,. view of Green Belt cottage

The Student Experience

Find out what our students who live in the Greenbelt have to say about their daily experiences.

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We welcome applications from rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in leading our society toward a more sustainable future and becoming catalysts for change.​

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