Student talking to another student on a swing at Greenbelt cottage

The Living Experience

The Greenbelt Community is a living and learning community that prepares students for leadership and service in the field of sustainability. You will be part of a close-knit community where residents aspire to live a more sustainable lifestyle and gain a better understanding of their own impact on the environment.

As a resident in our community, you’ll gain invaluable lessons about collaboration, initiative, and experiential learning. You’ll work closely with your classmates to develop innovative ideas that will lead the Greenville community and our society toward a more sustainable future.

If you’re passionate about reducing your environmental footprint and advocating for change, our community is the right fit for you.

Community Expectations

To be an active member of our community, we expect our students to meet the following:

  • Support the mission of the Greenbelt Community.
  • Enroll in and actively participate in the Greenbelt Community academic program (SUS 200 in the fall and SUS 201 in the spring).
  • Embrace the concept of sustainability by learning about sustainable living practices, recycling and attempting to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Become a leader and champion for sustainability at Furman.
  • Meet regularly with fellow residents to help foster and develop an intellectual and residential community.
  • Attend Greenbelt Community-sponsored events.

If you are unable to meet these commitments, you could potentially be dismissed from the community and relocated to one of Furman’s other residences.

Our Cabins

Situated on the shore of a spring-fed lake, the Greenbelt Community provides students with an opportunity to live in one of our eco-friendly cabins.

Each residence has been renovated and designed to minimize its environmental impact. From solar panels and insulated doors to low-flow showerheads and compost bins, the cabins are an ideal residence for students who want to practice and experience sustainable living.

Front of the Cabin

The Cabin

Constructed in 1970, the Cabin houses eight students each semester.

See the Cabin

The Cottage

The Cottage served as home to Furman's first Engaged Living program.

See the Cottage
Front of the cottage