Leading Times of Crisis

Virtual Workshop Series – Leading in Times of Crisis

Leaders across the organizational spectrum are facing challenges and uncertainty like never before. These unprecedented circumstances, however, present innovative and entrepreneurially-minded leaders an opportunity to pivot, thrive and grow.

At Furman Innovation and Entrepreneurship and our Center for Corporate and Professional Development, we want to provide you the tools to LEAD IN TIMES OF CRISIS.  We are launching a 6-week virtual series of free workshops with industry experts for corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit leaders who need the tools to lead their organizations in times of uncertainty.

Join us every Thursday for a FREE engaging and interactive 45-minute virtual workshop.


As we’ve seen in just the past few weeks, the pace of change is rapidly increasing.  As a leader, your job is to deliver today AND change for tomorrow.  To successfully lead change, there’s one critical resource…people.  Your team (and their emotions) make or break change.  Successful changes can’t be left to chance, you need intentionality!  This session will focus on people’s normal reactions to change and how to think through the process of change so you can take targeted action to improve your chances of success.

Featuring Kenneth Fields ’98 and Johannes Mutzke with BlueInc Strategies
Thursday, April 9 @ 12PM EST

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In addition to leading the remote work revolution, startups confront uncertainty on a regular basis. In this session, Cam Houser (Actionworks founder and faculty at the University of Texas at Austin) will share stories and actionable strategies you and your organization can use to not just survive–but thrive–during this surreal time. He has delivered this workshop, which translates the methods and mindsets of startups to a language that established organizations can speak, to Apple, GE Aviation, KPMG, Daimler, and more.

Featuring Cam Houser , CEO of Actionworks  
Thursday, April 16 @12PM EST

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In stressful times, it’s easy to take a pass on having a difficult conversation. You’re worried about making things worse, there are lots of other important things that need to be done, or you just don’t like conflict! This session will help you tackle difficult conversations in a respectful and effective manner.

Featuring Kenneth Fields ’98 and Johannes Mutzke with BlueInc Strategies
Thursday, April 23 @ 12PM EST

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Now is a stressful time! In this session, Cam Houser will lead an interactive session around best practices for resilience and mental health for knowledge workers. This session will remain grounded in real-world, proven approaches–no crystal healing or new age music here. It will, however, require an open mind and a willingness to experiment with a guided meditation. Cam has delivered these sessions to teams at National Instruments, Samsung, and the Texas Lottery Commission.

Featuring Cam Houser , CEO of Actionworks
Thursday, April 30 @ 12PM EST

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The only thing that’s worse than feeling like you are in the wrong place is leading a team of people who feels like they’re in the wrong place!  This session will focus on who is on your team, what roles they’re best suited to play, and how those roles fit within different kinds of organizations.

Featuring Kenneth Fields ’98 and Johannes Mutzke with BlueInc Strategies
Thursday, MAY 7 @ 12PM EST

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What is it that allows us to be and bring our best, most authentic and powerful selves—to be brave—when the stakes feel high and life feels uncertain? How do we tap into our hidden genius and become more than we ever envisioned for ourselves? Drawing from years of working with leaders of all experience levels and industries and the latest research in psychology, sociology, business, and the arts, author Kimberly Davis demystifies what it takes to be step into your brave and make an impact.
Featuring Kimberly Davis, author of Brave Leadership and owner of OnStage Leadership

Thursday, May 14 @ 12PM EST

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Bonus Session: Leading Virtual Teams Effectively and Productively in the Era of COVID-19

You didn’t ask for the global COVID-19 pandemic or to be forced to work remotely in a matter of days. Now you are finding that virtual teamwork is not as effective and productive as you may have thought. Using his research and experience, Dr. Yoram Solomon, the author of The Book of Trust, Culture starts with YOU, not your Boss!, and 11 other books will give you specific ideas and tips that will increase your leadership effectiveness and teamwork productivity while working remotely. In this session, he will first set the foundation for understanding the link between trust and effective leadership and productive teamwork through the 7 laws of trust and 6 components of trustworthiness. Featuring Yoram Solomon, author of The Book of Trust and CEO of the Innovation Culture Institute

Thursday, May 21, 12:00 pm

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