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Diversity at Furman

Furman University is a community of learning enriched by the wide variety of experiences and perspectives of its students. Our student body represents 45 states, 53 countries and many different cultural, religious, sexual, gendered and intellectual backgrounds.

However, we look beyond mere numbers when speaking about meaningful diversity and equality, as evidenced in the university’s diversity vision​. Our broad and inclusive definition of diversity encourages civil discourse and bold intellectual inquiry and discovery. At Furman, you’ll meet students who share the same passions but approach things from different angles. That’s one of the advantages of attending one of the nation’s premier liberal arts colleges. Whether you’re studying biology or computer science, literature or politics, your classmates will always expose you to new ideas and possibilities.

Naturally, these lessons go beyond the classroom. You’ll learn how to engage all kinds of people and examine your own beliefs in a community that is truly concerned with your development and personal well-being. And at some point—while you’re still at Furman—you’ll become an informed and active citizen of the world. Because at the core of our mission is a belief in educating the whole student—one who seeks a life full of meaning, commitment, leadership and ethical integrity.

Check out some of the ways that we encourage an open and honest community at Furman.

Center for Inclusive Communities

The Center for Inclusive Communities (CIC) seeks to create a living and learning environment that fosters belonging for historically underrepresented students as well as causes all students to thoughtfully reflect on diversity and inclusion in the liberal arts tradition of engaged citizenship.

Center for Inclusive Communities

Spirituality and Religion

Our faith-based community responds to the spiritual needs of our students, encouraging open dialogue and spiritual reflection.

Explore your faith