Furman has many religious organizations that offer opportunities for friendship, a place to worship and spiritual guidance. But even if you don’t become a member of one of these organizations, you’ll be encouraged to examine your own beliefs.

That’s because your time at Furman is all about discovery and learning how you fit into the big picture. You’ll address questions such as: Who am I? What do I believe? What do I care about? What are my passions? What are my dreams and aspirations? What is my place in the world?

From there, we’ll support and guide you through your own spiritual reflection and free inquiry. You’ll arrive at your own sense of identity with a better understanding of your personal goals, your spirituality, and your faith.

The Office of the University Chaplain

Located in Daniel Chapel, the Office of the University Chaplain is the hub for religious life at Furman. Our religious organizations allow students to connect with a wide variety of faiths and engage in interfaith dialogue with all religious groups. Explore your beliefs in our faith-based community.

Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection

The Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection helps students discern their gifts and talents in order to arrive at their callings. Reflect with us.

Charles Ezra Daniel Chapel

Located across from Duke Library, Daniel Chapel is home to worship services every Sunday, as well as a meeting place for various religious groups. Visit Daniel Chapel.

Ultimate Question General Education Requirement

To encourage students to explore their faith and beliefs, Furman has created a general education requirement that asks students to examine the ways in which society have articulated what constitutes a good and meaningful life.