At Furman, we’re committed to exploring the cultural dimensions of our global community. That’s why we’ve developed a number of majors, interdisciplinary minors, programs and courses to help you understand the cultures, histories, and intellectual traditions that shape the experiences of people in our growing, pluralistic world.

Intergroup Dialogue Program

The Intergroup Dialogue Program at Furman University was created so that students, faculty, and staff could learn how to have conversations about the social identities that often put us in conflict with one another. Participants in intergroup dialogue classes learn how to engage with one another across differences of race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, and politics in ways that promote empathy, mutual understanding, and cooperation. Have a conversation.

Africana Studies

The Africana Studies program explores the varied contributions of the African diaspora through an interdisciplinary lens.At Furman, you can pursue this major by following a humanities or a social science track. Learn about the experiences, cultures, and history of African-descended people worldwide.


Anthropology fosters an understanding and appreciation of global and local diversity in the present and past. In this program, you’ll learn about a wide variety of different lived experiences, the challenges of societal inequities, and methods for understanding individuals and groups different from you. Study Anthropology.

Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program takes an interdisciplinary that allows students to gain a broad understanding of the entire continent or specialize in a particular region. It offers the bachelor of arts degree with three majors focusing on Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, and Japanese Studies. Study Asia.

Latin American and Latinx Studies

The Latin American and Latinx Studies minor combines a language requirement in Spanish with an array of course options in multiple departments, including study away courses taught in Latin America. Study Latin American and Latinx culture.

Poverty Studies

This interdisciplinary minor will bring you face-to-face with the reality of poverty. You’ll confront one of the oldest and most intractable problems confronting human societies locally, nationally and globally from a variety of academic disciplines, and engage the subject directly through a summer internship. Study poverty.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies will encourage you to reflect on the difference people’s experiences of gender and sexuality make to our intellectual traditions and understanding. Study women’s, gender, and sexuality topics.

World Cultures General Education Requirement

One of the goals of our academic program is to get you to see things from multiple perspectives. To achieve this, we have created a general education requirement that will allow you to take a class in global awareness. By fulfilling this requirement, you may opt to take a course that focuses on world cultures. Learn more about world cultures.