We admit bright, dedicated and motivated students to our school, and it shows. Ninety-seven percent of our graduates find work within six months of leaving our campus—a stat that’s well above the national average. These men and women engage in myriad of endeavors, entering meaningful and lucrative careers and contributing to the creation of new knowledge.

Your time at Furman will make you a valuable candidate upon graduation, whether you’re marking the leap into the job market or applying to one of the best graduate schools in the world.

Malone Center for Career Engagement

At Furman, we have a talented team of career advisors who can give you a significant edge in the interview room. From perfecting your resume to prepping you for your first big interview, our staff can provide the kind of advice that will help you climb the corporate ladder. Find out how our career experts can help.


One of the best ways you can gain real-world experience before graduation is through internships. It’s not just a resume builder, it’s an opportunity for you to try out different careers, narrow your goals and make some lifelong connections. Discover how an internship can launch your career.