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Furman-Y Trails

Last updated February 8, 2024

By Charles Frempong

Hey Future Furman Paladins! So, I see you have mastered the art of late-night study sessions and aced your High School campus coffee shops, which is great, and these are places that Furman Paladins love to utilize as well, but have you tapped into the wild side of Furman? Let’s talk hiking – because the Furman-Y Trails entail an avalanche of fun-packed, adventure-filled, nature interaction and experience. 


First things first, imagine this: you, a bunch of friends, and the great outdoors calling your name. The Furman University Outdoor Club is like the cool kid on campus, always up for an adventure. They organize hikes – and other full-blown outdoor escapades – that seek to promote bonding in the outdoors and with other friends. And guess what? Everyone’s invited! It’s like one big happy family, where the only prerequisite is a love for fresh air and good vibes. 

Our Favorites

Now, let me spill the tea on some of the hotspots that Furman students swear by – the Black Balsam trails in North Carolina, Table Rock State Park, and our much-beloved Swamp Rabbit Trail. At the start of the semester, my friends and I decided to kick things off with a memorable hike to Black Balsam Knob. The excitement was real as we woke up early, had a good breakfast, and set off for a day filled with adventure. Going up the mountains was tough, especially with the chilly mountain air biting at our skin, and I quickly learned that hiking was not just about reaching the top; it was about the journey, the laughs, and the shared moments that turned into legendary stories. The camaraderie among friends made every step worth it. As we climbed, we chatted about everything, from silly jokes to deep thoughts, all while taking in the stunning scenery around us. I mean, have you ever tried telling a joke with a mountain echo? It’s like having your punchline applauded by nature – comedy gold!


 The Black Balsam trails offered everything from awe-inspiring views to terrain that kept us on our toes. Just picture this: you’re cracking jokes, encouraging each other through the tough spots, and taking “Insta-worthy” shots against the stunning backdrop. That was a bonding bonanza! Reaching the summit felt like we had just conquered Mount Everest (well, almost). We were sweaty, maybe a bit out of breath, but the sense of accomplishment was unparalleled (I was also excited that I did not have any more climbing to do). 


The view from the top? 

It’s like nature’s way of saying, “You made it, champ!” And trust me, the only thing more satisfying than conquering a mountain is knowing you have no more homework to come back to. After spending some time on the summit, we finally made our way back down, drove to a great restaurant and helped ourselves to a “post-hike grand feast”. 


The tiredness seeped through us after we had had our stomachs filled. To us, it was like a badge of honor, a sign that we had truly lived the day to its fullest. As I drifted off to sleep, the memories of the hike played on my mind like a highlight reel, and I couldn’t help but smile. So my friends, textbooks are cool, but if you have ever swapped stories with friends on top of a mountain, you’ll realize that the magic Furman offers goes beyond the boundaries of its physical location.

Kobby, ’26