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Student Government Association at Furman University

Last updated April 2, 2024

By Charles Frempong

As an institution, Furman University has always been committed to fostering academic excellence, community engagement, and personal growth, and one of the ways that Furman emphasizes its commitment is through student leadership and involvement. The Furman Student Government Association (SGA) is Furman’s biggest organization that aims to develop student leadership as potential leaders of the world, too. 

At the heart of the SGA’s mission is the representation of the student body. Elected by their peers, SGA executive members, including President Meredith Ervin, Vice President Yaseen Echekki, Treasurer Andrew Cooter, Parliamentarian Tatyana Gonzalez, Academic Affairs Chair Lydia McCarthy, and Secretary Carly Gillis, convene weekly with the student class representatives, various clubs’ representatives, and with guest speakers to discuss and address student concerns. 


As mentioned above, in addition to the executive team, the SGA includes four student representatives for each class. These representatives play a pivotal role in identifying problems within the Furman community and presenting alternative solutions. Through this collaborative approach, the SGA ensures that the diverse voices and perspectives of Furman students are not only heard but that these voices actively contribute to positive changes on campus. Serving on the Student Government Board for this academic year (2023/2024) as one of the Sophomore Class Representatives, I have had the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with the library to enhance students’ studying experience. 

The Student Government Association actively fosters a sense of community and inclusivity by organizing, participating, and supporting various events and initiatives. Take, for instance, the Heller Service Day. We saw the likes of Andrew Cooter (Treasurer), Carly Gillis (Secretary), Yaseen Echekki (Vice President), and Tate Denham (Sophomore Class Representative) volunteer with the Furman Farm and practice sustainability skills. Or even, take the recent intramural tournament that saw the Furman University Outdoors Club win. We saw the likes of Deen Deovic and Sam Corkey (Junior Class Representatives), among other SGA members, raise high the figurative “flag of SGA”. 

With the leadership team at the forefront, including President Meredith Ervin, the SGA collaborates with student organizations and clubs to create a vibrant campus life. By providing resources, guidance, and a platform for expression, the SGA ensures that the Furman community is a place where every student feels valued and included. Our mission is to encourage all voices to speak up, and when diverse voices are heard, we believe that will help us grow as an organization. 

Our Monday weekly meetings allow the SGA to discuss ongoing events, plan future initiatives, and address any emerging issues. Our commitment to communication and inclusivity sets the stage for a campus culture where students actively participate in shaping their educational journey. The SGA serves as a training ground for future leaders by offering a platform for students to develop essential leadership skills. 

Take aways

The Student Government Association contributes to the growth of its members. Through 

our involvement with the council, we [ the students] gain hands-on experience in organizational management, event planning, and decision-making. The commitment to leadership development extends beyond the campus, as SGA alumni, including past presidents and class representatives, often go on to excel in various professional fields. For us, their success is a testament to the skills and experiences gained through their involvement in student government at Furman.