Students requesting services should complete the SOAR Student Application and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Some accommodations require significant planning; therefore, students should begin the process well in advance. Students should submit their documentation as soon as possible.

  1. Complete the SOAR Student Application to request accommodations.
  2. Submit documentation.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you should not delay meeting with us out of concern for not having the right paperwork. We will discuss specific third-party documentation needs during the Welcome Meeting and steps you can take after the meeting. Our first priority is meeting with you, not reviewing the paperwork. Please email if you would like to schedule a meeting prior to submitting documentation.

Handicap Parking Permit

Students who have a vehicle registered at Furman and a valid state-issued handicap placard must register with the Student Office for Accessibility Resources at either the beginning of each school year or at the time the placard is issued. At the time of registration, the individual must provide documentation of a disability from the doctor or issuing agency.

Temporary Medical Permit

Temporary medical permits are designed to assist with a temporary medical need and in general, may be issued for up to 60 days. The individual must register with the Student Office for Accessibility Resources and provide current documentation of the medical condition. Documentation should stipulate how long the permit is needed.

Golf Cart Rentals

Students are allowed to have a golf cart on campus if they have appropriate documentation of a medical condition. Documentation from a personal physician is submitted to the Student Office for Accessibility Resources for approval. Documentation clearly stating diagnosis of the disabling condition and length of time the golf cart will be required must be typed on letterhead, dated, and signed by the physician. Students must take the golf cart to the Furman Police Department for inspection and parking instructions. Students are responsible for all rental costs and damages. Golf carts must have front and rear lights.

SafeRide Shuttle

Furman University Police Department has established SafeRide shuttle services for use by students traveling around campus.

Accessible Parking Map

To aid students in locating a parking spot, Furman provides this downloadable Accessible Parking Map [PDF].