The Playhouse has launched the theatrical careers of hundreds of young artists. This 110-seat venue serves as the primary stage for our theatrical performances and has a newly renovated lighting system. With its superb acoustics and intimate setting, the stage is flexible enough to bring any script to The Playhouse.

Sound System

During performances, our sound is mixed with the best audio system and voice synthesizers in the industry. Our system includes:

  • iMac audio workstation that runs Bias Peak Pro, Audacity, and Qlab
  • MOTU 828 audio interface
  • Sony minidisc
  • Technics multi-speed turntable
  • Sprint FX 16 channel mixer
  • Roland XP-30 64 voice synthesizer
  • MOOG Theremin
  • Yamaha 8 channel amplifier
  • Extensive sound effects library
  • Hearing Loop Assisted Listening System

Lighting System

The Playhouse’s lighting system is one of the most sophisticated in South Carolina. It creates patterns and colors that transport the audience into a new world—a world that you can control with the flick of a switch. Its features include:

  • 108 available dimmers to power conventional theatrical lights
  • ETC EOS programming and control console
  • Elation Design Spot Programmable moving light profile units (19)
  • Elation Design Wash Programmable moving color mixing units (12)
  • Celador LED color wash units (12)