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May Experience is an optional three-week term that moves out of the classroom, melding theory with practice for intensive learning experiences. It offers an opportunity to explore topics outside of your major that aren’t typically offered during the academic year. The program includes two-credit courses, including short study away experiences that aren’t possible in the fall or spring terms. You can also engage in an important issue or pursue instruction in research methods before a summer research project.

The courses offered in May Experience do not meet major or independent studies requirements.

Registration Information

The registration process for May Experience is similar to registering for your courses during the academic year. You should consult your academic advisor or the faculty member leading the class to determine if a course matches your academic goals. Some courses may require the completion of a prerequisite or may be enrolled on an invitation-only basis. Keep in mind that you will only be able to enroll in a single May Experience course in a given year.

Register Now

Access the course selection/registration menu through MyFurman. Once you are logged in, follow the instructions to select your course. Login to MyFurman.

Registration Dates

Registration typically opens in the fall and closes in April. Students may be subject to a $100 late fee after the regular registration deadline has passed. Keep in mind that courses can be canceled due to a lack of enrollment.

Changing Courses or Withdrawing

You have the opportunity to change your May Experience course through the second day of class. Enrollment is closed after that.

If you are interested in withdrawing, you may withdraw through the eighth day of class. Your withdrawal will be indicated in your permanent academic record.

Auditing or Pass-no Pass Courses

You may enroll in credit-bearing courses on a non-credit basis as an auditor. Be sure to complete an audit request before the second day of class. Download the form as a PDF.

You may also elect a pass-no pass grading option. The deadline for declaring this option at the conclusion of the eighth class day. Download the form as a PDF.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you are interested in enrolling for a May Experience but have not been admitted to the undergraduate program, you must complete a non-degree seeking student application. Download the application as a PDF.​​​​​

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On-Campus Costs

The cost of May Experience is covered by your tuition. However, you are responsible for housing, meal plans and your books.

Learn more about on-campus costs

Study Away Courses

May Experience provides our students with an opportunity to take a short study away experience after the spring semester.

Visit the study away site
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