We’re excited to be planning nearly 40 courses for our On-Campus May Experience in 2024!

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Featured Courses


In addition to the history of fly fishing, watershed geology, stream structure, and river conservation are discussed in this course taught by Mike Winiski, Director of the Shi Center for Applied Sustainability Research. Students learn about trout biology and behavior, aquatic insects and other species. They also consider their roles in nature and how humans interact with their environment.

Trips to fishing spots, including the Saluda, Davidson, and Chattooga rivers, Jones Gap State Park and Pisgah National Forest are all part of the experience for students, many of whom are fly fishing for the first time. Students learn about the gestalt of fly fishing and supplement their outdoor experience with selected fly fishing literature from authors such as Ernest Hemingway, and Norman Maclean, who wrote the classic novel, A River Runs Through It.

Also coming for May X 2024:

Technical Writing in Chemistry

Chemistry faculty

Intro. to Research Methods

Chemistry faculty

Advanced Research Methods

Chemistry faculty

Applied Sports Science

Eric Sobolewski

Sleep and EEG Research Methods

Erin Wamsley

Why Plants are Amazing Chemists

Grace Freundlich

Behavioral Neuroscience Research

Onarae Rice

Fly Fishing and River Conservation

Mike Winiski

Microbes and Food

Min-Ken Liau

Public Sociology

Ken Kolb

Autism in the Community

Erin Hahn, Anne Kinsman

Coffee Culture

Kelsey Hample, Tuğçe Kayaal

Sexual Revolutions in Modern America

Scott Henderson

How to Win at Fantasy Football

Jordan Bounds

BBQ - It's a Noun, not a Verb!

Mark Britt

Tai Chi for Performers

Keith Davis

Writing with Writers

Author Sarah Cypher

Writing the Short Screenplay

Geoffrey Gunn

Korean Language

Alexander Francis-Ratte

History & Practice of Knitting

Jean Schwab

Tuning System

Michael Vick

Think like a Producer

Ken Barbet

Podcasting for Community Building

Mahan Ellison, Ashley Dickson Ellison

Drawing Fantastic Beasts

Jean-Baptiste Chuat

Writing for Broadcast

Mary Sturgill

Practices for Band Auxiliaries

Andy Lecture

Beginner Medical Spanish

Maria Rippon

Meet the Beatles

Scott Murr

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Mary Jo McInerny

Trial Advocacy

Anna Notation-Rhoades

Interpersonal Leadership Skills

Courtney Quinn

Politics and Sports

David Fleming

Thinkertoys: Scrapbooks as Alt. Histories

Camille Lewis

Story & Meaning in Tabletop Games

James Engelhardt

Doubt: Skepticism, Mistrust of Institutions

Andrew Moore

Spanish Cinema

Linda Ehlrich

Wandavision: Pastiche, Past, Present

Paul Thomas