Our increasingly complex world is placing a growing premium on using mathematics to help understand and solve society’s most enduring interdisciplinary problems. Mathematics anchors much of the knowledge that drives our society.

A mastery of numbers is not enough to provide a competitive edge in today’s economy. This requires graduates to have both critical-thinking skills and quantitative maturity. Our students graduate with a combination of mathematical training and liberal arts experience that ensures they can solve problems as well as communicate their solutions.

A degree in mathematics from Furman prepares you for graduate studies in mathematics, computer science, engineering, statistics, and the natural and social sciences, to name a few. Mathematically minded students aiming for professional careers in law, medicine, accounting, and finance will also be well served by Furman’s liberal arts approach to teaching advanced mathematics. Furman graduates have gone on to advanced study in a variety of subjects at the nation’s leading universities, including Harvard, Yale, Duke, and UC-Berkeley.