Program Overview

Bachelor of Science
Psychology and Neuroscience
Department Chair Name
Onarae Rice
Alise Brown

What is a neuroscience degree?

It’s the hub for thought, learning, emotions and dreams, and it tells us how to respond to sensory cues. Dive into the charted and as yet uncharted territory of the brain to unravel mysteries of the body’s command center. Explore the far reaches of the nervous system to understand the relationship between the brain and behaviors.

Why study neuroscience at Furman?

If you have a passion for the “what,” “why” and “how” of the brain’s superpowers, you’ve landed in the right place. Conduct hands-on research with your professors in small classrooms and labs to uncover answers to new questions or build on existing research. Plan a visit to Furman’s beautiful campus or start your application today.

How will you learn?

Working with faculty, neuroscience majors delve into the parallels between the brains of other organisms and those of humans. Researchers in the Furman Sleep Lab look at the purpose of our dreams and how they impact learning. Still other students analyze more effective ways to prevent overdose from the use of pain-managing opioids. Study away in Denmark or Australia, or do research-based summer study internships at Prisma Health, Stanford or Harvard.

Featured neuroscience courses

  • 100%
    students who conduct neuroscience internships or research
  • 75%
    students who have been admitted to medical school or Ph.D. programs
  • 12
    average number of majors per graduating class

What our students say

“What sets neuroscience at Furman apart from other majors and what makes it so special is the cross-curricular aspect of our studies. I get excited when something from one of my psychology classes ties into what I’m also learning in chemistry or biology. This major lays a wide foundation for so many
– Brenna Outten ’22, Goldwater Scholar

Our faculty

Victoria Turgeon

Professor,Biology; Academic Director, Prisma Health Partnership; Faculty Ombuds

Onarae Rice

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Department Chair Neuroscience

Veronica Flores

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Linnea Freeman

Associate Professor, Biology

David Hollis

Professor of Biology

Erin Wamsley

Associate Professor of Psychology
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Neuroscience Major F.A.Q.