Linguistics is the scientific study of language the capacity to express one’s thoughts and emotions via a system of spoken, gestured or written symbols. Often, this ability is taken for granted, since its acquisition is an unconscious process. The ability to produce language has arguably been the most important development in our species, and it is vital to our survival. At Furman, a linguistics minor will allow you to complement your major with an interdisciplinary course of study that fully explores a central part of the human experience.


Why study linguistics at Furman?

As a linguistics minor at Furman, you will examine the multifaceted nature of human language. While enhancing your critical thinking, analytical and research skills, you will dive into the social aspects of language, studying the nuances that affect communication among diverse cultures and social groups. As a private liberal arts and sciences university, Furman provides an exceptional environment for multidisciplinary studies, allowing you to find connections between multiple areas of interest. Small class sizes mean that you benefit from individual attention from faculty who are among the best in their fields. Plan a visit or start your application today.

How will you learn?

The linguistics minor is designed to engage students in meaningful discussions and quests of inquiry related to the nature of language, leading to better communication and understanding among different languages, cultures and disciplines. Linguistics inherently connects with numerous other fields, including psychology, biology, computer science, education and history. Choose the courses that best suit your scholarly curiosity and mold your own unique interdisciplinary path. Our focus on highimpact engaged learning experiences leverages our strong undergraduate research, internship and study away opportunities. Small class sizes allow you to work closely with renowned professors committed to mentorship and dedicated to building a scholarly community that will help you feel a sense of belonging. Visit our campus or request information to learn more.

Featured linguistics courses

  • 26
    linguistics minors at Furman
  • 59%
    linguistics minors participating in undergraduate research with faculty
  • 99%
    placement rate for all students six months after graduating (employed or in graduate school)

What our students say

“Linguistics has enabled me to think critically and empirically about not just how we speak, but how we interact with others in a complex social world. Understanding linguistics is a gateway into understanding yourself, your friends and the entire world.”
Thomas McCoy-Bruce ’23

Alexander Francis-Ratte

Associate Professor, Asian Studies; Department Chair, Asian Studies

Juan J. Garrido Pozú

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Stephanie Knouse

Professor, Spanish; Chair, Linguistics Interdisciplinary Minor

Emily Krauter

Assistant Professor

Melinda Menzer

Chair & Professor of English

Jeff Michno

Associate Professor

Carole Salmon

Professor of French
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