What is a Japanese studies degree?

Although a relatively small island nation, Japan wields enormous historical and present-day influence in the global community. This influence must be considered by anyone who seeks a complete understanding of the world around them, especially those pursuing a well-rounded education and postgraduate success in an increasingly diverse society. Graduates holding a Japanese studies degree will be prepared to engage with the people, ideas and issues that shape one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Why major in Japanese studies at Furman?

The Japanese studies program offers undergraduates a wealth of opportunities for hands-on research, internships and study of the country’s diverse society. You’ll benefit from the small class sizes and mentoring opportunities within a private liberal arts and sciences university environment. You won’t just study a culture, language or religion in our program – you’ll study it all. Take your first steps by contacting admissions or reading more about how to apply.

How will you learn?

The Japanese studies program at Furman will take you beyond the traditional classroom experience. Explore a curriculum infused with a broad range of courses and a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation. Conduct internships and field and text-based research and study abroad in Japan. You’ll also experience Asia without leaving campus in our modern language center, language houses, reading room and authentic Japanese temple.

Featured Japanese studies courses

  • 1,101
    books in the Asian studies reading room
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    study away programs
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    exchange opportunities in Japan

What our students say

“The Japanese studies major gave me more than just a degree ¬ it gave me opportunities to immerse myself in language, culture and customs that would prepare me for a future involving Japanese in any situation. Now, I'm working at a Japanese company based in the U.S., and I can feel the passion and knowledge that started from my time as a Japanese Studies major grow daily. There isn't another major at Furman I'd rather have chosen.”
– Nicole Hartley ’21

Our faculty

Eiho Baba

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Asian Studies

Alexander Francis-Ratte

Associate Professor, Asian Studies; Department Chair, Asian Studies

Nadia Kanagawa

Assistant Professor, History and Asian Studies

Izumi Tokunaga

Lecturer of Asian Studies

Shusuke Yagi

Professor of Asian Studies, Japanese Studies, Anthropology, and Film Studies
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