The Teacher Residency Program is a partnership between Furman and local school districts.


Teacher Residency Program candidates complete a year-long experience during senior year and may be hired as first-year teachers in the elementary or early childhood grades at the start of the academic year following graduation.

During the year-long experience in the senior year candidates

  • work alongside a highly-qualified teacher and university supervisor;
  • participate in classroom experiences beginning at the start of the K-12 school year;
  • integrate theory and practice through intentional course sequences;
  • receive weekly planning and observation feedback from multiple school and university faculty members;
  • grow and develop through multiple and authentic experiences in a single classroom;
  • assume full-time teaching responsibility in the spring semester;
  • conduct research on best teaching practices and make presentations at research conferences; and
  • may opt to add early childhood education

During the teaching internship/first year of teaching candidates benefit from

  • school-district salary and benefits;
  • year-long mentoring;
  • individualized support from the university and the school district;
  • weekly visits from district mentors trained by Furman;
  • weekly planning and observation feedback from multiple school and university faculty members;
  • fall seminars on special topics and spring course on best practice;
  • classroom-based assignments that combine research and instructional practice;
  • opportunities to present and publish with faculty;
  • option to add certification and M.A. degree in literacy, special education, and TESOL


All elementary education students may participate in the Teacher Residency Program. Candidates who have passing scores on state qualifying exams and are endorsed by Furman may be considered for an internship/first year teaching position based on vacancy.


Upon successful completion of the teaching internship and all other teacher education program requirements, the induction teacher receives Furman’s recommendation for a South Carolina Initial Educator Certificate. Participants also receive one year of teaching experience credit from the South Carolina Department of Education.

For more information on the Teacher Residency Program, please contact the Education Department.