When you come to Furman, you’ll learn from some of the leading professors and practitioners in the education field. Our faculty include educational leaders and scholars who have become experts in their chosen field of study. As teachers, they’re committed to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our instructors and learn how to become a more effective educator.

Our Faculty

Temi Bidjerano

Associate Professor, Education; Research and Statistics

Michalann Evatt

Coordinator for Assessment & Accreditation

Harris Heath

Professor, Education; School Leadership and Administration

Nelly Hecker

Professor and Chair, Education; Director, Teacher Education; Coord., Elementary Education; Literacy Education

Michael E. Jennings

Professor of Education

Scott Henderson

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor, Education; Director of National and International Scholarships; Philosophy and History of Education

George Lipscomb

Professor, Education; Coord., Secondary Education; Coord., MAT Program; Social Studies and Geography

Vernon L. Prosser

Coordinator, Upstate Schools Consortium; School Leadership Clinical Faculty

Bobbi Siefert

Associate Professor, Education; Coord., TESOL Program; Literacy Education

Katie Kelly

Associate Professor, Education; Coord., Literacy Education

Judy Stuart

Associate Professor, Education; Coord., Special Education; Human Development

Michael Svec

Professor of Education

Paul Thomas

Professor, Education; English and Secondary Education

Shameera Virani

Coordinator of Teacher to Teacher Residency Program; Clinical Faculty