Student shaking hands with a woman in Ghana

Global Experience

At Furman, your education reaches beyond our lecture halls and media labs. Every year, our students embark on educational adventures abroad with their faculty. Their journeys cover every corner of the globe, including Scotland and Belgium, New Zealand, and multiple nations in Africa.

Semester Programs

A full semester abroad is included financially in your attendance at Furman, as part of The Furman Advantage. Communication Studies regularly participates in two such programs, in which faculty from our department travel abroad: Brussels and Edinburgh. In both programs, students are supervised in fantastic internships with the top private market and research firms and political bodies (Members of the European Parliament in Brussels, and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh). Students also take two classes at a local university, and take their final class–focused on European issues–with their Furman faculty member. Weekend group travel often takes students to see mass-media coverage of European football, sites of fascist propaganda or communist interrogation, curated archives and museum spaces, and other sites of public memory!

May Experience

In the last three weeks of May, students can opt to participate in our May Experience program, worth two credits. Communication Studies majors take their classroom learning abroad to see rhetoric and media in action. In New Zealand, students investigate how Maori indigenous culture is preserved in mass media coverage of rugby and even Pacific-Islander emojis! In Ghana, students see colonialism’s impact, but also appreciate the convergent and adaptive media norms of local communication practice in a vibrant culture. New programs to sites like Rwanda help us talk about communication practices that bridge divides, seek healing out of historical trauma, and rebuild. Students practice and critique travel writing in warm and beautiful Havana, Madrid, and Rome. Wherever we go, students enjoy the refreshing beauty and change-of-pace after a long academic year!