Beyond the classroom and lab, the chemistry department sponsors a host of activities for our students and campus. See our highlighted events below.

Chemistry Corporate Luncheon

The Chemistry Department’s Corporate Luncheon is a festive event held every June, where we showcase our summer research program, strengthen ties with the local corporate and industrial community, and reconnect with alumni. The event enables our students the opportunity to discuss their research projects and interact with professionals working in science and technology fields.

2017 Furman Chemistry Corporate Luncheon (SLIDESHOW)

Ironchemist Summer Athletic Tournament

You heard of the Olympics, World Series, Super Bowl… but they all hail to the glory that is the IronChemist Summer Tournament. Events are bowling, 100m dash, 50m swim, table tennis, 1- and 3- mile runs, basketball shootout, and horseshoes/darts/shotput. And opportunities for good food abound.

2015 IronChemist Bowling (SLIDESHOW)

2015 IronChemist 100m Dash (SLIDESHOW)


Pumpkin Somethin’

Commemorating Halloween and all things pumpkin, this annual cook-off is one of the department’s most popular social events. Entries must meet two simple requirements: (1) must contain pumpkin and (2) must not contain poison. Our much beloved ACS Student Affiliates officers do a wonderful job organizing this shindig, year after year.

2014 Pumpkin Somethin’ (SLIDESHOW)

Pi/Pie Day

Commemorating the number π, Pi/Pie Day is held every March 14th. Get it? 3…1…4! Nerd out, fellow comrades. Yes, this event is essentially an excuse to eat good food and to facilitate that mission, “pie” is loosely defined as anything round or round-ish. Again, many kudos to our ACS Student Affiliates officers for organizing.

2013 Pi/Pie Day (SLIDESHOW)