As part of our commitment to undergraduate research, the Furman Chemistry Department’s laboratories are equipped with modern technology and instrumentation. Our faculty introduce students to instrument technology in their courses, and then expand their instruction in their research laboratories. Our majors gain hands-on experience with equipment that they will use throughout their careers, such as two high-field, superconducting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers. Our research laboratories contain more than $5.6 million in assets.

Home to the sciences at Furman University, the Charles H. Townes Science Center is one of the best undergraduate research facilities in the Southeast United States. Dedicated in 2008, this $62.5 million building features multimedia classrooms, research laboratories, computer labs, and study lounges to support students and faculty. It also houses the Sanders Science Library, which provides students access to important research journals, books, electronic databases and other materials.