Our chemistry program teaches undergraduate students how to conduct independent research, work as part of a team, and collaborate in a research environment. As a result, our students are prepared to enter the job market or pursue an advanced degree. Our graduates are admitted to the nation’s leading graduate and medical schools or land jobs in business, development, education, law, medicine and research.

Where Our Graduates Are Going

Students interested in teaching chemistry in secondary schools may take advantage of the teacher certification program at the undergraduate level or pursue certification through Furman’s Master of Arts in Teaching. For more information, please contact the Education Department to learn about the programs of teacher education.


Careers in Chemical Industry

Chemists work in all sorts of different companies and sectors, helping to develop processes, manufacture products, and ensure employees are working safely. Some of the areas where there are career opportunities for chemists include:

  • Formulation Chemistry – determining the right components to go into the product
  • Process chemistry – scaling up from proof of concept in the laboratory to plant level production
  • Health and safety – ensuring workers in industries that use chemicals are safe and handling chemicals in a responsible and ethical manner
  • Quality control and assurance – making sure products are meeting standards and the chemical composition or properties match specifications
  • Industrial management – overseeing the chemical workforce
  • Technical sales and marketing – ensuring that chemists and consumers have the supplies and products they need or want
  • Human resources – focusing on workforce management and recruiting other talented chemists into a compan