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Program Overview

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a position with a Fortune 500 company or starting your own business, our programs will prepare you for a career in the global marketplace. We offer the Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in both Accounting and Business Administration. As a major in our department, you will benefit from a curriculum that relies on experiential exercises and integrated projects to help you understand the core principles of accounting and business management.

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Career Opportunities

In our department, you will learn skills that can be applied to any career and it is part of the reason our graduates are so successful.

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Business Block

Designed to provide our undergraduates with an integrated "MBA style" experience, the Business Block emphasizes a working knowledge of accounting, finance, marketing, and operations.

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Major Requirements

Furman students interested in the Accounting major or the Business Administration major should contact the Chair of the Business and Accounting Department (Dr. Virginia Gerde at​) to schedule an informational meeting. Students are encouraged to do this as soon as possible to ensure they complete the necessary prerequisites by the end of their sophomore year.

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Areas of Study

If you are interested in declaring Accounting as your major, be sure to contact a member of the accounting faculty to discuss courses, scheduling, and future ambitions.  Our faculty can make sure you have taken the right path to your desired goal after Furman.

Upon acceptance into the Business Administration major, you will be enrolled in our Business Block, a set of courses that are similar to what you would find in an MBA program. These courses emphasize four functional areas: accounting, finance, marketing and operations. The interweaving of these courses through practical, pragmatic exercises has a significant effect on how students conceptualize course materials and apply them to real and current problems.  You will take these upper-division courses with a small cohort of students, where you will have an opportunity to develop enduring relationships that will pay dividends in your professional career.

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Internships & Engaged Learning

Internships remain a fundamental component of the Furman experience. Students are encouraged to apply their classroom knowledge in real-life situations within the workplace. This summer, our student Catherine Hare interned with South Carolina Legal Services...

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Our Featured May X Experience

Next May, we are offering a brand new May X titled "From Soviet Satellite States to Flourishing Free Market Democracies: Exploring the Growing Region of Central Europe" exploring the Czech Republic's economic and historical transition...

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