Natural History Collections

The Furman University Natural History Collections (FUNHC) are housed in the Charles H. Townes Science Center on the Furman University campus in Greenville, SC, USA. The collections include insects (primarily butterflies and moths), plants (primarily vascular), and small vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians, birds, and small mammals). The collections contain a rich history of Furman University undergraduate collectors who went on to become pioneering scientists in their own rights, including one Nobel Prize winner.

Through active curation and digitization of existing collections, FUNHC can become a key resource for the preservation and conservation of biodiversity in the South Carolina Upstate region. In keeping with The Furman Advantage (TFA), FUNHC seeks to engage students in collections curation through classroom learning combined with real-world experiences, building pathways for future career opportunities.

More about our collections

Ives Herbarium at Furman University (FUGR)

The Ives Herbarium at Furman University (FUGR) has approximately 20,000 specimens of vascular plants and approximately 1,000 specimens of non-vascular plants. FUGR vascular plants have been digitized through the support of SERNEC (SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections), which is an NSF-funded network of herbaria and herbarium curators from the Southeastern US.

Search our vascular plant collections here.

Contact the Curator:
Dr. Ashley B. Morris, Associate Professor

Vertebrate Collections at Furman University

The vertebrate collection at Furman University consists of approximately 1,100 reptile and amphibian specimens, approximately 125 small mammal specimens, an extensive collection of audio recordings of birds, and a recently acquired donation of marine mammal fossils. While we have databased many of these specimens, these databases are not externally searchable. We are working to increase access to these collections through nationally recognized online portals.

Contact the Curator:
Dr. Travis Perry, Professor of Biology

Insect Collections at Furman University

The insect collections at Furman University includes an extensive collection of butterflies and moths, as well as numerous representatives of dragonflies. The lepidopteran collection in particular is an important geographic resource for the broader entomological community.

Search our insect collections here.

Contact the Curator:
Dr. John Snyder, Professor Emeritus of Biology