Students crouching in the river while observing silt from the stream

Program Overview

Whether you’re interested in medicine, genetics, ecology, conservation or another area of study, one thing is certain: Our rigorous program will prepare you for success in any field or endeavor. Students can pursue a bachelor of science degree in one of the four specialty tracks listed below or a bachelor of arts degree. In our department, you’ll study a broad range of biological sciences, everything from molecular biology and genetics to physiology and ecology. Our curriculum is infused with experiential learning, and we have world-class undergraduate research and study away opportunities.”

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Career Opportunities

The Furman Biology department can prepare you for a career in the life sciences.

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Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Areas of Study

Interested in wildlife conservation? Neuroscience? Or another field in the life sciences? At Furman, you have the option to focus on a number of areas of study.

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Careers in Biology

Biology students at Furman can choose from a broad range of careers after finishing their degree. With four specialized tracks and a bachelor of arts degree in Biology, students can narrow in on their interests...

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