If you’re thinking about a career in biology or beginning your search for a graduate school, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected some of the best job boards and resources on the web. Find your path.

Our graduates are working in a variety of fields, including field and laboratory research, conservation non-profits, gov’t agencies, medicine, and academics. They have careers in behavioral biology, botany, cell biology, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, neuroscience, and conservation. Others are gaining admission to some of the best medical, veterinary, graduate, and professional schools in the world.

A liberal arts degree is valuable in all professions. In addition to developing your technical skills, you’ll leave Furman knowing how to think critically, how to learn, how to see things from multiple perspectives, and how to evaluate and create. These are skills that can be applied to any career and it’s part of the reason our graduates are so successful.

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