Students walking to the place of peace

Facilities & Resources

As a major in Asian Studies, you’ll have an opportunity to experience Asia—without leaving our campus. The majority of our classes are held in Furman Hall, but our entire campus serves as a classroom for our students. We have it all, from an authentic Japanese temple near Furman’s Swan Lake to language houses where you can practice Japanese or Mandarin. Explore our facilities.


The Place of Peace during morning hours

Place of Peace

The Place of Peace is the first Japanese temple ever to be dismantled and reconstructed in America. Built in 1984 and donated by the Tsuzuki family, it is used as a teaching tool and meeting space for classes in different academic departments.

Visit the Place of Peace

James B. Leavell Reading Room

Located in Furman Hall, the reading room is used for welcome receptions, open houses, and other student events. We've even hosted diplomats and Chinese opera singers here. When not hosting an event, the reading room is open to students.

Books and pamphlets on a table
Students participating in Cafe Francais in the modern languages department

Language Houses

Our language houses offer a great living and learning experience for students who are interested in studying the same language. You'll work with a language house assistant who's a native speaker, and engage in cultural events.

Visit our language houses

Modern Language Center

Our Modern Language Center provides videos and audio instructional books in Chinese, Japanese, and other languages to help you practice your language skills.

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Student completing homework on computer

Mango Languages Software

Want to study a language we don't offer at Furman? Check out our online language learning tool, Mango Languages. This software uses basic conversations to get you comfortable with a new language.

Learn a new language


Aikido Club

Care to learn Aikido? As a member of the Aikido Club, you’ll learn more than self-defense from this Japanese art. You’ll learn mental focus.

Association of Students Interested in Asia

To gain a deeper understanding of Asian culture, join the Association of Students Interested in Asia (A.S.I.A. Club). This student group meets regularly to discuss political, social, and cultural issues.

Chinese Students Association

Whether you’re interested in connecting with other Chinese students or immersing yourself in Mandarin, you’ve come to the right place. This student organization is open to all students interested in Chinese culture and language.

Critical Language Scholarship Program

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the Critical Language Scholarship Program selects students to participate in fully-funded summer language institutes. Visit the Critical Language Scholarship Program.

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program is one of the world’s largest exchange programs. Every year, it invites graduates from Furman and other universities to work as English teachers in Japanese middle and high schools. Apply to the JET program.

Vedic Center of Greenville

The Vedic Center of Greenville is a great resource for lectures, cultural celebrations, and information about Hinduism. You might even see the center’s members performing in dance and music events on campus. Visit the Vedic Center of Greenville.