Our Asian Studies program takes an interdisciplinary approach to prepare you for a career at home or abroad. We offer the Bachelor of Arts degree with three majors focusing on Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, and Japanese Studies. As a major in our department, you can gain a broad understanding of the entire continent or specialize in a particular region. Our program introduces our students to everything from South Asian music and popular culture to the social and environmental implications of China’s rising economy.

Our program includes faculty from seven different academic departments, bringing a range of expertise and ideas to our department. We draw courses from history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, religion and others to ensure you’ll study Asia from every angle. At Furman, we believe an interdisciplinary approach will help you explore and understand the planet’s largest and most populous region.

Our Degree

Complete the field of study declaration form [PDF] and the major declaration survey.  Download, fill out and save the Asian Studies degree planner [PDF], the Chinese Studies degree planner [PDF] or the Japanese Studies degree planner [PDF] depending on your declaration intent.

Special Note For Students Declaring Remotely:  Students need to complete both the form and the survey above to start the major declaration process.  On the field of study declaration form (see link above), students can indicate which professor they would like to serve as their advisor.  If possible, that request will be honored.  If they do not know who they would like to be their advisor, they can put the chair’s name, Dr. Lisa Knight, and she will either serve as their advisor or assign them one in the department.  The student should then download the form, and attach it to an email they send to the Chair of  Asian Studies: lisa.knight@furman.edu.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

From your first day of class through graduation, our faculty and staff will provide you with all the information and guidance you'll need to pursue a meaningful life and career.

Areas of Study

When you major in Asian Studies at Furman, you can explore connections across the region with Pan-Asia courses, or you can focus on China, Japan and South Asia. You choose the courses that interest you.

Our Blog

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