Furman University is committed to maintaining and strengthening an environment founded on civility and respect. Sexual Misconduct is antithetical to the values and standards of the university community, is incompatible with the safe, healthy environment that the university community expects and deserves, and will not be tolerated.

Download Furman 2023-24 Sexual Misconduct Policy Eff. 8.1.23 as a PDF.

Sexual Misconduct Report Form

You may use this form to report concerns pertaining to or possible violations of Furman’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, including concerns related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking and intimate partner violence. Individuals who would like to make a report in person to the Title IX Coordinator should contact Melissa Nichols at melissa.nichols@furman.edu or at 864.294.2221.

This form should not be used in emergency situations. If you need to report an emergency, contact Furman University Police at 864.294.2111 or call 911.

Reporter Information

Unless you are making this report as a Mandated Reporter, you may submit the report anonymously by leaving your contact information blank. Please be aware that anonymous reports limit Furman’s ability to respond, and sharing your identity may help us connect you to resources, like medical and counseling services, and provide you information about your options for further action. Making a report about misconduct you experienced does not obligate you to any particular further action. If you are making a report as a responsible employee, you must include your contact information.