Furman University is an academic community committed to the goal of educating students to become responsible citizens and leaders in the human community. The university aims to develop individual excellence and to prepare students for life after college. Therefore, Furman is committed to having a campus environment that will neither tolerate nor condone discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.


Mission & Purpose for SHARP

The first meeting of the Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP) committee occurred on January 14, 2005. The charge of this committee was to examine three specific areas regarding sexual harassment and rape prevention:

  • Education: How should the University better inform students about issues?
  • Programming: What activities and events help engage the campus community in discussions regarding discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct?
  • Resources: What resources should the university make available?

Today, this committee is comprised of staff, students, faculty and Greenville community members committed to educating our campus community about discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct and preventing such incidents from occurring. Whatever our level of experience, we will share in the satisfaction of planning programs and special events, educating the campus community about resources, and supporting survivors of sexual misconduct. This committee has representatives from a diverse segment of student organizations, academic and administrative departments.

2019-20 Committee Members

Connie Carson, Vice President for Student Life
Kristen Irwin, Assistant Director for Career Communities, Malone Center for Career Engagement

Erik Anderson, Philosophy (Chair)
Scott Henderson, Education (Ex-Officio)
Christopher Manganaro, ROTC
Jeff Michno, Spanish
Marian Strobel, History
Lynne Shackelford, English

Greenville Community Partners
Trina Sherman, Julie Valentine Center

Ashley Baudouin, Associate Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Life
Stephanie Boyd, Assistant Dean of Students / Alcohol and Drug Education Coordinator, Student Life
Kristin Davis, Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources
Stephanie Hesbacher, Assistant Director of South Housing, Housing & Residence Life
Sheryl Higgins, Furman Police Captain (Alternate)
Kristin Irwin, Assistant Director for Career Communities, Malone Center for Career Engagement
John Milby, Chief, University Police
Melissa Nichols, Title IX & ADA Coordinator
Emily Shaffer, Health Promotions Fellow, Student Life
Rachael Simpson, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance and Student-Athlete Development
Elaine Smith, Counselor, Counseling Services at the Trone Center for Mental Fitness
Rev. Kate Taber, University Associate Chaplain, Office of Spiritual Life

Emma Berger, ’22
Sophia Callanan, ’20
Abigail Chamblee, ’20
Mason Harris, ’20
Olivia Hoffman, ’20
Bethany Knapp, ’20
Nina Matus, ’20
Hannah Perry, ’20
Kyra Westmoreland, ’21