Since our 2007 commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, Furman University has been tracking, reporting and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.  Over that time, we have reduced our emissions from 25,459 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (MTCDE) to 17,188 MTCDE – a reduction of 32%.  The largest reductions are in purchased electricity (Scope 2) from:

  • ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the energy efficiency of buildings;
  • the addition of geothermal and solar energy sources;
  • slow but steady reductions in the carbon intensity of Duke Energy’s fuel mix.


Our most recent greenhouse gas report is available here


Furman’s newly-adopted university strategic plan includes this broad objective:

Lead in Responsible Stewardship of our Planet

This objective will be further developed through an update to our original 2009 Climate Action Plan (CAP).  Our new, science-based target aims for:

  • a 60% net reduction by 2030
  • a goal of carbon neutrality by 2040 (with 2007 as baseline).

These are ambitious targets, but achievable with concerted and collaborative effort.

For the latest news on CAP 2.0, check out our blog here.


Want to get involved?

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