Dining Operations

From Farm to Fork

Bon Appétit is working toward “food service for a sustainable future.” A sustainable future for food service means flavorful food that’s healthy and economically viable for all, produced through practices that respect farmers, workers, and animals; nourish the community; and replenish shared natural resources for future generations. Their path toward greater social responsibility and sustainability started as a quest for flavor. When you cook from scratch, you want the freshest ingredients. That led Bon Appétit to launch the Farm to Fork program back in 1999, long before local food became the phenomenon it is today. Working directly with farmers and ranchers opened their eyes to the many problems of the modern food supply: while it is abundant and cheap, it has many hidden costs, such as environmental pollution and worker abuse.

tons of compost generated for the Furman Farm
minimum percentage of locally sourced foods
Dining Hall produce that comes from the Furman Farm