Leadership Quest

The Shucker Center for Leadership Development at Furman University is pleased to offer a program called Leadership Quest this Spring. Leaders need to have a strong foundation and understanding of their values, strengths, and the role they play in groups and teams in order to be ethical, inclusive, and effective leaders. This six-week program will allow Furman students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, setting them on a quest to unlock their true leadership potential.

Students embarking on their Leadership Quest will:

  • Build community with a cohort of students with the common goal of learning, growing, and cultivating leadership skills in personal and team-based contexts
  • Develop their own leadership philosophy, as there is no one way to lead
  • Understand the complexity of leadership, including common myths associated with it
  • Be empowered to explore the passions, strengths, and values that make them unique

Students from all class-years and majors are welcome, however sophomore and junior students are especially encouraged to sign up! Registration is first-come, first-served.

Registration has now closed. Stay tuned for our next Leadership Quest offering!