Building Strong Relationships Community Through Restorative Practice

Last updated March 5, 2024

By Web Admin

On December 14 & 15, Lisa Knight, Franklin Ellis, and Cynthia,  members of the Share Equity Leadership Team, (SELT) led a two-day workshop interest in participating in an upcoming Restorative Practice (RP) training session. As represented by the International Institute for Restorative Practice, RP is a powerful tool that fosters stronger relationships between people and within communities by equipping individuals with skills to address conflict, mend harm, and ultimately build trust. Past campus participants have found these trainings highly valuable and enjoyable. We are, therefore, pleased to offer RP sessions again this year, and thrilled that you’re interested in attending.  Approximately 15 faculty and staff members participated in the secession. Another two-day workshop will be held January 4th & 5th.