This section contains information for companies that wish to do business with Furman University.  All inquiries regarding the University’s procurement practices and business opportunities should be referred to the Director of Procurement Services.

  •  Doing Business with Furman University – Suppliers interested in working with Furman University should send company literature via email to All sales calls are by appointment only. Unscheduled sales calls cannot be accommodated.
  • A current completed W-9 must be submitted to the Procurement Services Department prior to the processing of a purchase order or invoice payment.
  • Prior to shipping goods or providing services to the University, a supplier must first be issued a Purchase Order or be provided a credit card (the University’s Corporate/Expense or Procurement credit card) number which guarantees payment by the University.  Failure to have an authorized Purchase Order or Credit Card number may result in the non-payment of your invoice.
  • All contracts for goods and services which obligate the University must be executed by an authorized officer of the University. Without such a signature, the contract is not valid.
  • If you secure a contract that utilizes Federal funds, you must furnish a certification for debarment/suspension, affirming your adherence to the Federal Executive Order (E.O.) 12549. To complete this certification, please fill out the form provided below, sign it, and return it to your designated contact person.2023 – Debarment Certification Letter – Fillable Form1