Network Access Control

Furman University uses a Network Access Control (NAC) system to help ensure that student computers are safely admitted to the network.

The NAC ensures that all devices on the Furman network meet the University’s security requirements before connecting to the Furman campus network. This includes checking for updates needed to prevent virus infections. The NAC follows these steps to check your device:

  • When your device is registered and has the network access control agent installed, the NAC agent will check for the latest operating system updates and the most recent antivirus updates.
  • If your device needs updating, you will be directed to a web page that will tell you how to bring your software up to date.
  • When your device’s operating system is up to date, and has antivirus updates installed, your device will be allowed to connect to our network.

Periodically the NAC agent will rescan your device to ensure that your software is still up to date. If your device’s operating system and anti-virus software are up to date, you will connect to the campus network.

If your computer is not up to date, your device will be automatically placed in an isolated network where it can be properly remediated before gaining full network access.

Please note you must be on-campus to register with the NAC. If you are on-campus and need help registering with the NAC, please contact the IT Service Center at 864-294-3277.