Drone in Furman Lake

Get Ready

As a new student, the first and most important thing you need are your credentials!  Your new Username and password will give you access to the various systems and platforms you’ll begin using right now and even more when you arrive on campus.

Before You Arrive On Campus

Your Furman Username and password is ready!

On May 9, your Username and password will be available on Your Admissions Status Page . With your new Furman Username and password, you can now leave that page behind and look forward to using Workday for all financial, course registration and other data records.

Enroll in FUPass

Whether you’ve forgotten your password or just ready for a change, you want access to Password Station (FUPass) so set it up first thing!

Enroll in FUPass to reset your network password 

Login to email

Once you have your Username and password, install Microsoft Office Professional  for Students on your Windows or Mac computer.

Now check your mail.

Computer specifications

We’ve included just a few minimums to keep in mind if you are buying a new computer to bring to campus.

Check out the recommended computer specifications and computer vendors

You need updated versions of Windows or MacOS before accessing the Furman network

You will not be able to access the Furman network without the most recent updates.

Macintosh Updates

Windows Updates 

Your user name and password gives you access to resources

You’ve already heard about Workday, Password Station, Office and there will be more resources available such as:

Moodle Learners Basics for Students

Box cloud storage service


Once You Arrive On Campus (Undergraduate students only)

Student Residential Network (MyResNet)

The student residential network (MyResnet FAQ) does not restrict the type of devices you can connect at Furman.  Through a partnership with MyResnet you may now connect wireless printers, echo systems and many more while in your residence.

MyResNet provides 24-hour support to assist you in connecting to the residential network and can be reached at (833) 493-4891 or support@myresnet.com

The FU-Student wifi network is available in all other buildings except the residence halls. (e.g., academic buildings, library, dining hall) and does require the use of the Furman anti-virus software (Trend Micro) and network access control agent (FortiNAC).

The network access control (NAC) agent will register devices, check for security updates, and direct you to the required anti-virus software.

You may download the software when you are redirected from the NAC agent or you may bring your computer and power cable to the New Student Computer Setup event during orientation (hours listed below).

Anti-virus software is not required for tablets and smartphones, but you must register these devices if you want to use them on the FU-Student network.

If you have any problems or questions please contact the IT Service Center.

Need help getting your computer or mobile devices ready for the fall semester?

The IT Service Center will have special resources available to help beginning August 18 .  For this event, an appointment is required so that we limit the number of people in the library.

Please check this page for more information on this event.