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Facilities Administration

Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Redderson Assistant VP Facilities & Campus Services 864.294.3262
Rick Schosky Director of Facilities Operations 864.294.2177
Carolyn Holliday Facilities Coordinator 864.294.2179
Jimmy Looper Energy Manager 864.294.2425
Bernie Stanton Director of Risk Management 864.294.3287
Joe Surber Fire Protection Specialist 864.294.3403
Chris Bridwell Warehouse/Stockroom Manager
Receiving, packages, tables & chairs & Events
Chad Bolling Assistant Warehouse Manager 864.294.2338

Real Property Services

Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Redderson AVP Facilities & Campus Services 864.294.3262


Name Title Phone Email
Rick Schosky Director of Maintenance 864.294.2177
Work Order Request 864.294.2179
Tim Tague Project Coordinator 864.294.2103
Wayne Merrill Carpentry Supervisor 864.294.2152
Larry Richardson Electrical Supervisor 864.294.2015
Raymond Kuhne HVAC Supervisor 864.294.2103
Tony Rigdon Locksmith 864.294.3254
Brad Wentworth Building Automation 864.294.3208
Lee Edmonds Plumbing Supervisor 864.294.3018
Allen Gosnell PM Supervisor 864.294.3196
Steve Hamby Facilities Automotive 864.294.2020
Derrick Ledwell Facilities Automotive 864.294.2020


Name Title Phone Email
Jim Benes Custodial Manager 864.294.3217
Erika Calle Tamayo 1st Shift Custodial Coordinator 864.294.3289
Jessica Lang 1st Shift Custodial Coordinator 864.294.3289
Betty McMillian 2nd Shift Custodial Coordinator 864.294.2499
Donna Craig 2nd Shift Custodial Coordinator 864.294.2499

Special Events Support and Warehouse/Stock Room

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Bridwell Events Support Manager 864.294.2338

Campus Planning, Construction & Grounds

Name Title Phone Email
Scot Sherman Director of Landscape & Construction 864.294.2143
Sheree Wright Horticulturalist 864.294.3944
David Manning Grounds Superintendent 864.294.2303
Ben Yates Asst. Grounds Superintendent, Sports Turf 864.294.3111
Andy Medgesey Asst. Grounds Superintendent, Campus 864.294.3542
Bruce Adams Blackwell Farms Manager 864.294.3729
Steve Long Project Manager 864.294.3261
Ty Bowling Project Manager 864.294.2473
Terry Horomanski Project Manager 864.294.3258
Michael Hawley Business Manager 864.294.3080

Information Systems

Name Title Phone Email
David Jones Facilities Information Systems Manager 864.294.2469