Bell tower from below

SAFE Passage

A key component of the SOAR program, SAFE passage set the stage as the incoming cohort of students spend 5 days (4 nights) living together in the dorms, getting a snap shot of the academic expectation awaiting them in the fall, learning about the wide variety of research opportunities and getting to know the SOAR management team that will be supporting them through their four years at Furman. Finally, a little time was also found getting to know each other and bonding as we tackled the Nantahalla River through a half-day rafting adventure.

Academics: Students experienced multiple lectures in up to 5 different academic disciplines (2012 : Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Political Science/Asian Studies and History/FYW).

Research: In addition to a general discussion of research opportunities, students had meetings with professors in Chemistry and Biology to learn about their research and their research group.  Drs. Chosed and Lewis (Biology) and Drs. Buchmueller and Wagenackt (Chemistry) shared their research groups through a 45 minute round-table discussion.

Chemistry and Biology Majors: Students spent two evenings with groups of chemistry and biology majors (freshman as well as upperclassmen) and enjoyed dinner in downtown Greenville.

Socializing: Mid-way through the 5-day program, we spent a day taming the Nantahalla River.