Staff of Bridges in group photo

Bridges to a Brighter Future

Linking two nationally distinguished campus efforts, Furman’s summer research programs and Bridges to a Brighter Future (BBF), has proven to be a great success and to date, over 30 BBF students have participated.  This two-week science exposure program was developed to enable students to engage in creative science activities across multiple disciplines, participate in field research and reflect on their experiences through daily journaling.  This experience is providing the stimulation for BBF students to consider STEM fields in their future college endeavors and to date over 30% of these students are majoring in STEM fields.

Students work together as a team (3 to 4 students per team) to learn about and engage in research associated with a specific discipline.  Week-long exposures in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology/Neuroscience have been offered over the past two summers and opportunities in additional science disciplines (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Earth and Environmental Science) are being developed.  Students are mentored through this program by Furman University researchers and Furman University students. Rising junior and senior BBF students with a strong interest in science and math careers can apply (applications will be available in March).  Students accepted into the program receive a stipend for their two-week commitment and will also be provided transportation should that be requested.

For more information contact John Kaup, PhD.