CITI Training Course

Responsible Conduct of Research CITI training for undergraduate students, faculty, and staff
Furman students, faculty and staff may go to the CITI website .  On the opening screen, register under “Create an account” by entering the name Furman University (Step 1).  Continue to Step 2, where you will enter your name (please use your legal name) and Furman email address. Continue to through the registration process, answering only those questions denoted by an asterisk (e.g., “employee id number”, etc, does NOT have to be provided).
Once you are registered, you will be able to enroll in any of the courses that you need/want to take.  The courses are made up of modules.  You may complete a single module at a time and repeat any module.  Once you complete a course, you will be able to print out a certificate for that course.  You will also be able to revisit completed modules or take elective/optional modules.
Course enrollment is accomplished by answering the following three questions.  You will only need to answer Question 2 – Responsible Conduct of Research, for the other two questions listed answer “not at this time.”
Question 1
          Human Subjects Research
Question 2
          Responsible Conduct of Research
Question 3
        Would you like to take the Conflicts of Interest course?

Under Question 2-Responsible Conduct of Research you will be asked to make a selection of the courses offered.  Please choose only the course that encompasses your discipline.  If you have any questions about which course you should choose or any difficulties in the registration process, please contact Brianne Pochard by email or by phone (864)294-3468. Completion time of the RCR course is estimated to be 45 minutes.
CITI will send Furman’s administrator notice of your completion. It also a requirement that Furman maintain a copy of your completion certificate as well for compliance. You can submit your completion certificate via email to