In order to ensure that externally funded grants and contracts are related to the mission of the University, to maximize the use of resources in preparing applications for external funding, to provide for an appropriate balance between grant/contract activity and instruction, to ensure proper handling of indirect costs, and to maintain accurate records, it is necessary that all grant applications to foundations, corporations, and government agencies be channeled through the Office of Grants & Research Administration.

Such grant applications include those from faculty and staff to outside agencies for funds to support research, the purchase of equipment and other projects to be administered by the University.

Grants and contracts are awarded for specified periods of time. The University must not become dependent upon such funds, including indirect cost allowances, for salaries and/or stipends; otherwise termination of grants and contracts could adversely affect the entire educational program. The Grants Office will ensure that financial support for the University’s educational program is not jeopardized by acquisition of grants and contracts.


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Policies for Grants