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Fees & Registration

FIRST® Lab is a comprehensive battery of assessments that provides vital information about a runner.

Lab Assessments
FIRST® Laboratory Assessment Initial assessment Fee Follow-up testing Fee
Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 MAX) $150 $120
Lactate Threshold $75 $60
Body Composition – BodPod $45 $35
Video Gait & Stride Analysis $250 $210
VO2 MAX / Lactate Threshold combo $200 $175
VO2 MAX / Lactate Threshold /
BodPod combo
$230 $200
VO2 MAX / Lactate Threshold / combo $285 $250
VO2 MAX / Lactate Threshold  / Gait
$425 $375
Other Assessments
Assessment Fee
Nutritional Analysis (3 day assessment) $50

FIRST® E-Coaching
Program Fee
16-week training program $350
12-week training program $270
Individual coaching $270 for first 3 months; $80/month afterwards
Group clinics $75/first hour; $50 each additional hour
Team coaching Email for details

FIRST® Registration

To sign up for the physiological testing, download and print this form.

To sign up for FIRST® e-coaching, download and print this form.

Please send completed forms to:

Department of Health Sciences
Furman University
3300 Poinsett Highway
Greenville, SC 29613

Questions regarding FIRST® can be sent to