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Our Events

We have several events throughout the year.

  • Tuesday Track Workouts
  • Corporate Shield 5K
  • Annual Running & Learning Retreat
  • Lecture Series

Tuesday Track Workouts

Schedule for September and October 2021

September-October 2021.pdf


Below is the tentative schedule for September and October 2021 Tuesday track workouts.  Track repeats are run each Tuesday at the Furman University Track.  Warm-up begins at the PAC at 12:20pm with running repeats typically performed on the track beginning at approximately 12:40pm.  For those that do not have access to a track, a flat section of road that avoids 90 degree turns or a public trail can work as a suitable substitute for track-type workouts.

All workouts include 5 min. of dynamic drills prior to your run; even before you start your warm-up. A description of the 5 dynamic drills is provided on page 224-226 of Run Less Run Faster*.  After a 10 to 20 min. warm-up of easy jogging, include four repeats of 100 meters of drills and strides. After doing approximately 10 meters of high knee lifts, gradually accelerate for 80 meters until you reach approximately 90% of full speed and then decelerate over the final 10 meters. Recover for 30 seconds or less, then repeat in the opposite direction.  Repeat the same sequence substituting butt kicks for high knee lifts.  A description of these two drills is provided on pages 65 in Run Less, Run Faster*.

Unless specified, use the FIRST Key Run #1 target times for these workouts (see Run Less, Run Faster* pages 80-84).

These workouts are different than those in Run Less, Run Faster*, you can complete the workouts listed in the book or feel free to try these workouts.  The recovery interval (RI), which is indicated in parentheses, may be a specified time interval or a distance that you walk/jog.

After your repeat workout on the track, a cool down is important.  Jog slowly for 10-15 minutes.

7, Sept.      3 x (4 x 400m); 30 sec. RI after #1, 45 sec. RI after #2, 45 sec. RI after #3; 2 min RI after #4

14, Sept.    500m (60 sec. RI); 2 x 1200m (90 sec. RI), 500m (90 sec. RI), 1000m (90 sec. RI), 500m

21, Sept.    3 x 1600m (400m RI); 2 x 400m (90 sec. RI)

28, Sept.    modified Yasso 800s; 10 x 800m on 5 minutes (start the next 800m repeat every 5 minutes)

5, Sept.      5 x 600m (200m jog RI), 5 x 400m (100m walk RI)

12, Oct.     600m(90sec.RI); 1200m(60sec.RI); 600m(90sec.RI); 1000m(60sec.RI); 600m(90sec.RI); 800m(1min RI), 600m

19, Oct.     1600m (200m RI), 1400m (200m RI), 1200m (200m RI), 1000m

26, Oct.     6 x 300m (1 min. RI); 1 x 1200m (400m RI); 6 x 300m (1 min. RI)

4, Oct.       1.5 mile tempo run (at ST pace) followed by a 400m RI, then 6 x 500m (90 sec. RI)

11, Oct.     400m (200m RI), 800m (200m RI), 1200m (2 min RI), 1200 (2 min RI), 800m (200m RI), 400m


* The 3rd edition of Run Less, Run Faster (2021) by Bill Pierce and Scott Murr.

Corporate Shield 5K

The Greenville Track Club Corporate Shield program was established by the track Club in 79′ to promote running & competition among area companies & organizations. The 8-race schedule allows teams to earn points for both placement & participation in four (4) categories: Open, female, masters and grandmasters. If your team/group wants more info, or you have questions on this program, please email Greenville Track Club.

Adult Running Retreats

We are unable to have any 2021 retreats due to the ongoing pandemic.  You may email to be placed on an early notification list in the event we are able to plan future retreats.

Adult Running Retreat

- No events are currently scheduled. -

Lecture Series