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Policies and Procedures

We have established a set of well-defined policies and procedures that outline our expectations for our residential community. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Residency Requirement

We believe your residential experience at Furman is part of your education. For that reason, we have a four-year residency requirement. Students may apply for an exemption under certain conditions.

Off-Campus Living

Rising fifth-year students are the only undergraduates exempt from Furman’s four-year residency requirement.

Other students must meet the following criteria to live off-campus:

  • Commute to campus by living with your parents or legal guardians.
  • Get married during the upcoming academic year.
  • Have a financial or medical situation that requires off-campus accommodations, which does not include The Vinings at Duncan Chapel.
  • Enrolled as a graduate student.
  • Financial hardship request.
  • Students with a dependent.
  • Non-traditional students.

If you would like to request an off-campus exemption for one of the aforementioned reasons, please email HousingandResidenceLife@Furman.Edu 


Upperclassmen Returning to North Village

Students living in North Village are given the opportunity to retain their current apartment for the upcoming year if the following conditions are met prior to the Housing Lottery:

  • Names of four eligible students are submitted on the request form by the designated deadline.
  • At least three residents currently live in the apartment during the spring semester.
  • All four residents must be rising third- or fourth-year students.
  • All four residents must participate in the student intentions process by the established deadline.
  • No student listed on the request is studying away during the fall semester unless the student agrees to pay 75 percent of the housing rate to reserve the assignment.
  • The apartment being requested is not the Resident Assistant’s apartment.
Waiting List

Each year, the Housing and Residence Life Office will have approximately 60-80 students on its waiting list for student housing. Our office will assign rooms to these students in August after we are able to determine which students are not returning the University.

North Village

Due to the difference between class size and housing capacity, not all third-year students and fourth-year students are able to live in North Village. The students who do not obtain an assignment in North Village must proceed through the remainder of the housing lottery to get an assignment in a residence hall. These students will also be placed on the North Village waiting list.

Vacant Space

Students who have a vacant space in their room or apartment may be assigned a roommate at any time. Under certain circumstances, students may be required to move into another room so that the needs of students desiring to live together may be accommodated. Students with vacant spaces in their room or apartment may request a specific roommate during designated periods throughout the year to prevent having to change rooms or being assigned a roommate they do not know. Housing and Residence Life will make every effort to notify students in advance if any changes will be taking place concerning their rooming situation. Please be aware, however, that it may be necessary for our office to make last-minute change that may not allow much advance notice.