Girl carrying her items for move in

Moving Out

Spring Move-out Move-Out Date

Housing will close on 5 p.m. May 4th for non-graduating students and on 12pm May 9th for graduating students.

Preparing for Move-Out Day

Damages and lost keys

Here is a list of commonly overlooked details that can lead to closing fines:

Improper checkout: $75
Missing room key: $50
Incorrect setup of bedroom furniture: $20
Late checkout: Up to $300
Missing recycling bin: $25
Cleaning of bathroom: $75

Forwarding your mail

Our Mail Services staff can ensure that your packages, magazines and other items are shipped to your home address. Contact Mail Services to forward your mail.

Leaving a vehicle on campus

Students may leave their vehicle on campus by parking in an unreserved space behind McAlister Auditorium. Be sure to provide the Furman University Police Department your name and cell phone number along with the make, model, color and license plate number of your vehicle. When you return to campus and remove your car, contact the University Police at 864.294.2111.


The Housing and Residence Life Office is unable to provide storage options because of summer camps and conferences. However, if you’re an international student, the Office of Study Away and International Education provides some options.

Move-Out Checklist

Remove personal items

Remove all personally owned furnishings and belongings from your room. Our office is not responsible for items left behind. Residents will be charged for the removal of any property.

Remove trash

Remove trash from your room and transport it to the appropriate dumpster. Do not take the recycling bin provided by the university, or you will be assessed for the cost.

Remove adhesive products

Remove adhesive products from any surface within the apartment. Be sure to examine and remove residue from the front door, windows, balcony and patio area.

Clean your room

Clean your room or apartment thoroughly. This includes micro-fridges, suite bathrooms, cabinets, and drawers. The walls, ceiling, trim, mini blinds and furnishings should be free of dust and dirt.

Clean showers

Shower units should be washed and soap scum buildup should be cleaned. We recommend Tilex soap scum remover. Do not use abrasive cleansers on acrylic surfaces.

Remove temporary fixtures

Temporary fixtures, such as mirrors or shelf lining, should be removed.

Clean flooring

Carpeted areas should be vacuumed and stain free, while tile floors should be swept and mopped.

Complete your move out

Lock your room, and take your key to the Resident Assistant Office. A resident assistant will accompany you back to your room or apartment and will inspect the room for any damages. Once the review is complete, the resident assistant will ask you to sign and date your Room Condition Report.

Appeal Your Closing Fine

If you want to appeal any portion of the fines made at the end of a term, please complete and submit the form before the required deadline.

Fall 2020: February 5, 2021

Spring 2021: June 11, 2021

May Experience 2021: July 16,2021

Summer 2021: September 10, 2021


Appeal Form